Motorcyclist, 28, killed in collision with Kem Cetinay of Love Island at 60 mph.


Motorcyclist, 28, killed in collision with Kem Cetinay of Love Island at 60 mph.

The tragic motorcyclist who passed away after colliding with Love Island star Kem Cetinay’s car on his bike is shown for the first time in this photo.

Tommy Griggs, 28, lost his life yesterday after colliding with the celebrity’s Mercedes G Wagon on his motorcycle.

His partner today gave a moving eulogy to the father of her infant daughter, who just recently celebrated her first birthday.

“The last four years haven’t been the easiest,” Amba Davies said, “but you gave me the best gift anyone could ever give me.”

She loves you so much, Tommy, and I’m going to tell her about you all the time. I’ll make sure she makes you proud, I promise!

“You have my heart,” she continued on Facebook.

I wish you a peaceful death.

According to reports, Kem was left “traumatized” following the fatal collision with a motorcycle rider “who overtook and ended up on the wrong side of the road before the 60 mph smash.”

After his Mercedes G-Wagon struck a motorcycle on Thursday morning in Romford, Essex, the reality TV star, 26, is said to be “shaken up” and in shock.

The motorcyclist was tragically killed in the collision despite the best efforts of the paramedics.

A damaged motorcycle is seen lying on the pavement next to Kem’s smashed-in G-Wagon, which is enclosed by police tape in photos taken at the collision site.

According to witnesses, the TV celebrity was driving down Shepherds Hill in Romford while the motorcycle rider was ascending it and passing cars.

I am sorry for him.

According to a witness who spoke to The Sun, the motorbike’s driver “watched someone die in front of his eyes” as the vehicle soared about 20 feet into the air before hitting the ground.

The motorcyclist reportedly overtook the cars and “smashed head-on into Kem’s car at about 60mph on a 30mph road,” according to “about six witnesses” who saw the collision.

Love Island’s 2017 winner Kem managed to escape without incident, but friends say he is traumatized and still reeling from the experience.

‘Kem was clearly upset and distraught by what happened,’ a witness who saw the crash’s aftermath told MailOnline.

Pacing back and forth, he was.

At the side of the road, he was speaking on the phone with two women.

He exhibited shock-like behavior.

It occurred more than 700 meters away from Kem’s restaurant, Array, which he opened in July of last year.

Kem is devastated by what has happened, a source told MailOnline.

He drives reasonably; no one could have predicted this tragic event.

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This is the first picture of Tommy Griggs, who died in a collision with Love Island’s Kem CetinayHis partner Amba paid tribute to him on social media saying ‘may you rest in eternal peace’ Love Island 2017 winner Kem Cetinay was said to be ‘shaken up’ after his Mercedes G-Wagon collided with the motorbike on Thursday morning in Romford, EssexPolice and the London Ambulance Service attended the scene and fought to save Tommy, but he tragically died in the accident Photos from the scene show Kem’s written off Mercedes and the smashed motorcycleA statement from the Metropolitan Police confirmed: ‘Despite the efforts of medics, the male motorcyclist was sadly pronounced dead at the scene at 12:04’Kem’s representative told MailOnline: ‘Kem will be making no further comment on this matter aside to offer his deepest condolences, prayers, and sympathies to the motorcyclist’s family and friends’ Latest news and updates on all of your favourite Love Island contestants


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