On the evening of the ‘cheese and wine party,’ Matt Hancock was in the No10 garden.


On the evening of the ‘cheese and wine party,’ Matt Hancock was in No10’s garden.

Matt Hancock was in the Downing Street garden on the evening of the Number 10 ‘cheese and wine’ get-together, but he can’t say if he’s in a leaked photo of aides chatting.

The gathering in the garden in May 2020, according to Downing Street, was work-related, and no coronavirus rules were broken as a result.

Boris Johnson and his then-fiancee Carrie sat at a table with cheese and wine in the background, while a group of aides stood next to each other.

Mr Hancock is said to be one of the people in the photograph, according to the Telegraph, but a spokesman for the former Cabinet minister said the image is ‘not clear.’

‘It is not clear who the person in the photo is, but there is no suggestion Mr Hancock did anything wrong,’ said a spokesman for Mr Hancock.

‘On that particular day, he was in Downing Street for a Press Conference.’

Matt arrived at Downing Street at 4:43 p.m. and held a press conference on lifting the lockdown measures from 5:03 p.m. to 5:53 p.m.

‘Matt debriefed his own team after the press conference, then went to the Downing Street garden to debrief the Prime Minister.’

He returned to the Department of Health and Social Care at 6:32 p.m. after leaving Downing Street.’

‘On 15 May 2020, the Prime Minister held a series of meetings throughout the afternoon, including briefly with the then health and care secretary and his team in the garden following a press conference,’ according to the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman last week.

Mr Johnson, Mrs Johnson, and 17 other members of staff were photographed in the garden on May 15, 2020, with bottles of wine and a cheeseboard on a table in front of the Prime Minister.

Mr Hancock and Dominic Cummings, Mr Johnson’s former chief adviser, were reportedly among those involved, according to the Telegraph.

‘You can now meet one other person from outside your household in an outdoor, public place,’ Mr Hancock said at a press conference on May 15 last year.

However, please keep a distance of two metres between you and the next person.

‘With the nice weather and the new rules, I hope people can enjoy themselves outside this weekend, but please follow the rules, keep an eye on your family, and don’t take any risks.’

Downing Street has refused to say which members of its staff were present at the meeting.

It’s all part of a search for a Whitehall insider…

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