On the set of The Afterparty, Ken Jeong stops by, and Zoe Chao and Zach Woods laugh heartily together.


On the set of The Afterparty, when Ken Jeong stops by, Zoe Chao bursts into laughter with Zach Woods.

This week, the cast of the murder-mystery sitcom The Afterparty for Apple TV(plus) was spotted having a great time together on set.

During their conversation with one of the trailers in Santa Clarita, California, Zoe Chao and co-star Zach Woods both burst out laughing.

The cast for the upcoming second season is top-notch and includes Ken Jeong, who was spotted on the set that same day.

In addition to Zoe, Zach, and Vivian Wu, several of the actors were dressed in elaborate period garb.

While Zoe has been a regular on The Afterparty since the beginning of the program, Ken, Zach, and Vivian are all new cast members for season two.

Since season one, the show has featured a formidable cast, led by Tiffany Haddish, who plays a detective trying to solve a murder.

One of the main cast members is Sam Richardson, who is adored by Veep viewers for playing the adorably naive but exceedingly competent Richard Splett.

Season one featured appearances by Ben Schwartz, Ike Barinholtz, a Parks and Recreation alum, and James Franco’s brother Dave Franco.

The slick English comedian Jack Whitehall and the scene-stealing Paul Walter Hauser from I, Tonya will both appear in season two.

Following a high school reunion, the eponymous afterparty is where a murder occurs, which goes on to dominate the rest of season one.

The audience sees the events of the same party unfold through the eyes of several different characters, each of whom has a different version of what happened, in a narrative flourish reminiscent of the iconic Japanese mystery Rashomon.

Christopher Miller, best known for his work in association with Phil Lord, was the creator of The Afterparty.

Together, Lord and Miller created The Lego Movie in addition to the 2012 film 21 Jump Street, which starred Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

The first season, which debuted on Apple TV(plus) in January and ended in March, is currently filming its sequel.


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