On the SEVENTH day of the most recent virus fight, Biden is STILL COVID positive.


On the SEVENTH day of the most recent virus fight, Biden is STILL COVID positive.

As his case of covid continues to recur and he faces spending a seventh day in isolation, President Joe Biden tested positive once more on Friday.

Biden, 79, “remains in good health,” says Dr.

His personal doctor, Kevin O’Connor, stated.

O’Connor reported the president’s condition and said, “His cough has almost completely resolved.”

This week, Biden has been participating in events via zoom. On Wednesday, he joined the interagency Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access’s first meeting, which is led by Vice President Kamala Harris. On Thursday, he hosted a virtual meeting with business and labor leaders.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of Al Qaeda, had been killed, he announced in a speech he gave that evening from the White House residence.

He has made a few tentative moves toward leaving the White House’s second-floor apartment, where he has been staying with his dog Commander while he recovers.

In Delaware, First Lady Jill Biden is.

During a Wednesday virtual meeting at the White House, Biden said, “I wish I was with you in person, quite frankly.”

But I’m making progress.

But it seems that the White House had been preparing for a quick return of in-person events.

Biden and first lady Jill Biden will visit Kentucky on Monday to assess the storm damage, according to a Friday White House announcement.

According to a White House announcement made earlier this week, Biden will sign the PACT Act of 2022 on Wednesday in the Rose Garden.

The legislation, which improves healthcare for service members who have been exposed to hazardous burn pits, was approved by the Senate on Tuesday night by a vote of 86 to 11.

It has already received House approval.

On Tuesday, he will also sign the CHIPS law.

On July 21, Biden had a positive COVID test and was showing only minor symptoms.

He had a negative test on July 27 and went back to his job in the West Wing, where he was donning a face mask.

He tested positive once more for COVID on July 30 and has been kept in isolation ever since.

The first lady Jill Biden was the last person he saw on July 20. He has been working from his upstairs office and has been spending a lot of time with the couple’s dog Commander.

A small proportion of people who take the antiviral medication experience a rebound case of the virus, and Biden took Paxlovid throughout his bout with covid.

Biden first tested positive for covid on July 21 and experienced mild symptomsHe tested negative on July 27 and returned to work in the West WingHe tested positive again on July 30 with a rebound case


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