Photos show the wreckage left by cargo looters on a Los Angeles railway.


The wreckage left behind by cargo looters on a Los Angeles railway is captured in photos.

Aerial photos taken during a cargo looting crisis in California have revealed the wreckage of a thousand shredded packages left behind.

Theft from cargo containers carrying valuable items on Union Pacific tracks from companies like Amazon, REI, and UPS that were bound for West Coast residences has continued to rise in the Los Angeles area.

The photos show the looters’ discarded packages, which have since blanketed the tracks with a large amount of debris.

A number of discarded products were also discarded, including unused COVID test vials and pharmaceutical drugs that were deemed dispensable.

Packages have also been seen spilling from open containers as thieves have broken the locks with tools like bolt cutters while the train is stopped or moving slowly.

Union Pacific has since increased its security presence on the railway in order to catch potential looters scouting the area.

Following this, the railway company issued a statement expressing their growing concern about cargo theft on the tracks.

‘Union Pacific is very concerned about the rising number of cargo thefts in California, and we have taken several steps to combat this criminal activity,’ the company said in a statement.

‘These rail crimes endanger the public, our employees, and local law enforcement officers.’

‘We’ve increased the number of Union Pacific special agents on patrol, and we’ve used and explored new technologies to help us combat criminal activity,’ says the statement.

‘We’ll also keep working with our local law enforcement partners and elected officials,’ says the statement.

As the debris accumulated was the result of only a month’s worth of cargo looting, the company has continued to report crimes on the tracks.

According to Fox, they estimate that around 90 packages per day have been compromised.

Despite these concerns, the Los Angeles Police Department has stated that they do not respond to these types of crimes unless the company requests assistance.

Union Pacific, on the other hand, has its own police force that has been actively patrolling the tracks.

This isn’t the first time this year that cargo containers have been targeted.

During the supply chain crisis in November, cargo trains en route to Los Angeles ports were also looted.

The cargo trains had passed through a section of track that was lined with homeless encampments, where thieves had set up shop…

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A series of shocking photos revealed thousands of packages strewn across a Los Angeles railway as thieves continue to ransack cargo containersDebris left behind by looters were blanketed along the Union Pacific train tracks with shredded boxes and discarded products such as unused COVID test vialsThieves have been targeting products considered to be of value from companies such as Amazon, REI and UPS bound for West Coast residences Over the course of the past month, looters have been using materials such as bolt cutters to break in leaving packages to spill from the open containersUnion Pacific has since increased their security presence to crack down on looting crimes


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