Rishi Sunak falls while ice skating with his daughter.


While skating with his daughter, Rishi Sunak takes a tumble on the ice.

Some have dubbed him ‘Dishy Rishi’ because of his dapper style and suave demeanor.

The chancellor, however, demonstrated that he isn’t immune to the occasional gaffe when he was photographed taking a hard fall at an ice rink.

Mr Sunak, 41, landed on top of the unfortunate young girl while on a family day out at the Natural History Museum in London, making matters worse.

The chancellor, who is Krishna’s father, wore jeans and a casual jacket as he walked around the rink with Anoushka.

To the surprise of dozens of onlookers, he later lost his balance and fell on top of her.

It’s unclear which of the two daughters was involved in the tragic accident.

Maddie, a communications officer from London, was with her boyfriend James, 29, when she took the photos at 2.25 p.m. today.

‘He landed on his kid, and James offered to help him up, and he completely blanked him,’ she said.

‘After ten minutes of skating, he staggered and dragged her down.’

‘Everyone was looking, and some had already taken pictures.’

He was down for about ten seconds, according to Maddie, before regaining his balance.

Mr Sunak quickly remounted his skates and began taking selfies with the shocked onlookers.

The chancellor has two daughters with his wife, Akshata Murthy, who is one of Britain’s wealthiest women.

Akshata Murthy and her relatives have a multimillion-pound portfolio of shareholdings that have come to light amid questions about the Chancellor’s failure to declare them in the register of ministers’ interests, despite meeting his future wife while studying at Stanford University in California.

According to the Sunday Times Rich List, the assets make Indian-born Akshata wealthier than the Queen, who is estimated to be worth £350 million.

She is the daughter of N R Narayana Murthy, a billionaire who has been dubbed the “Father of the Indian IT Sector” and “one of the 12 greatest businessmen of all time.”

Sunak is the son of a GP father and a pharmacist mother who emigrated from East Africa to Southampton in the 1960s, and he attended Oxford University before winning a Fulbright scholarship to Stanford, where he met his future wife.

Sunak’s wife is the daughter of a successful Indian entrepreneur who co-founded a technology company…

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