Scott Cam claims that Joel and Elle failed to inform him about his mother’s illness, adding a twist to the block quitters saga.


Scott Cam claims that Joel and Elle failed to inform him about his mother’s illness, adding a twist to the block quitters saga.

Joel Patfull and Elle Ferguson were allegedly “quitters,” according to Scott Cam, because they left The Block without telling the producers that the AFL star’s mother was ill.

The Block’s forthcoming “Tree Change” season was supposed to feature fashion blogger Elle, 36, and former AFL player Joel, 37, as its main characters. However, they withdrew just two days into filming.

In an interview with KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O show, Scott claimed that the Sydney-based couple didn’t let producers know they needed to go see Joel’s mother, who had suffered injuries in a bad fall at her Adelaide home, before giving up.

If The Block had been informed of the situation, he claimed, they would have been willing to temporarily halt production to allow the couple to visit Joel’s mother.

They did not mention the mother’s illness to us.

Families come first, so of course we would have gone to visit my mother if they had told us to.

The long-time host said on Thursday that we would have flown them back to Adelaide and back.

“They decided The Block isn’t on brand for them,” our producer was told after they spoke with us.

Chaos, he continued.

Despite a strict dress code, Elle insisted on bringing “a lot of outfits,” Scott continued.

However, he added, “[Elle] did have a lot of outfits there ready to go.” “You have to wear the hi-vis [workwear]and the boots.”

Elle and Joel quitting the competition so early on, according to Scott, was “unAustralian” and “p**s poor,” he said at the Logie Awards.

In an interview with TV Tonight, he said, “We had a 48-hour challenge to choose the house that you get, and they fled after 48 hours.

It is an unprecedented occurrence.

’45 000 people applied to be on The Block and win money that would change their lives.

After 48 hours, these guys just couldn’t keep up with the pace after getting on, he said.

“Have a go! It’s p**s poor,” she said, “which to me seems a little unAustralian.”

Elle and Joel reportedly told the other competitors that they were leaving because the renovation competition wasn’t “on brand” for them as Bondi influencers.

Additionally, he claimed they had complained that “the toilet paper was too scratchy.”

Two days into the mid-April filming of the Channel Nine show, the pair made the difficult decision to leave after Joel’s mother had the unfortunate accident.

It is said that the mother of the former football star fractured her wrist and broke her coccyx.

At first, they reportedly tried to remain on the program, but they left when they ‘couldn’t get…

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