Seven days after contracting the virus again, Joe Biden DOES AT LAST test positive for COVID.


Seven days after contracting the virus again, Joe Biden FINALLY gets a COVID test.

Seven days after contracting a COVID rebound infection, Joe Biden has finally tested negative for the virus. Despite this, he still plans to remain isolated.

The 79-year-old president’s antigen test came back negative on Saturday, according to Dr.

Kevin C. O’Connor stated in a letter that was printed on Saturday.

A second negative test, most likely from a “gold-standard” PCR swab, will be required before he can be released from isolation.

“The president continues to feel very well,” O’Connor wrote.

We have kept an eye on him every day because of his rebound positivity, which we reported last Saturday.

His SARS-CoV-2 antigen test results from this morning were unfavorable.

The President will maintain his strict isolation rules until a second test comes back negative, as previously stated, out of an abundance of caution.

O’Connor did not say when the results of the second test would be made public, but he promised to keep White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre informed of any new developments.

On July 21, Biden’s first COVID test result was positive.

He received Paxlovid antiviral therapy for the condition, and on July 27 a test revealed he was virus-free.

On July 30, however, he experienced a setback with yet another positive test result.

Including seven days during his most recent re-infection, prior to Saturday’s negative test, the president spent a total of 13 days in isolation in the White House.

Despite his symptoms, he has kept up with his official duties and claims they were minor.

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The president tested negative for the virus on Saturday, White House physician Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor announcedBiden initially tested positive for COVID on July 21, took Paxlovid to treat his condition, and tested negative on July 27But he then suffered a rebound on July 30 after another positive COVID test resultHe says he is in good health and has conducted engagements during his 13 day isolation in the White House


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