shocking video shows truck collisions and near misses at rail crossings throughout one state.


shocking video depicts truck collisions and near misses at railroad crossings in one state

The frequent horrific mishaps and terrifying near-misses on Queensland State Rail lines have been made public in a video nasty.

The video showed people scurrying to catch the trains, falling close to the rails, cars almost being hit at rail crossings, and big trucks slamming into rail bridges.

In an effort to increase awareness of the risks near railroad tracks, a compilation of CCTV footage has been made public ahead of Rail Safety Week.

In one of the videos, a traveler is seen stumbling close to the railroad tracks while walking down a flight of stairs while looking at their phone.

In several clips, level crossing boom arms are seen slamming into cars and trucks that were trying to squeeze through at the last second. In other clips, drivers are seen freezing on the tracks as approaching trains approach them.

Between both sets of tracks, a Mercedes owner caught between two worlds can be seen waiting for a train to pass before it barely squeezes past with a few millimeters to spare.

The parapet of a rail bridge is rammed by a truck carrying supplies, and the truck sways as it becomes stuck underneath. Another video shows an upright porta potty ramming a bridge.

Queensland commuters and drivers were pleaded with to heed safety instructions after the shocking video’s release by state transport minister Mark Bailey.

There’s no sense putting yourself in danger near a rail, he said.

We’re concerned about the rise in near-misses involving both vehicles and passengers.

It’s up to you to stay out of the way because trains are enormous masses.

Just don’t take a chance near a rail.

Mr. Bailey warned that anyone underneath the power lines, which carried high voltage currents, posed a risk because they carried.

Several level crossings, which were prominently shown in the video with cars and trucks stopped near or on train tracks at the crossings, were also announced to be removed by the state by the minister.

Queensland Rail compilation video shows the worst of the state’s commutersThe video shows trucks smashing into rail bridges and people tripping on tracksSeveral near misses including cars on rail crossings also feature in the video It comes ahead of Queensland Rail’s Rail Safety Week starting next week


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