Six lesser-known seafoods that aren’t just prawns or oysters for your Christmas platter


Six seafoods that aren’t prawns or oysters that are perfect for your Christmas platter

In the days leading up to Christmas, Sydney Fish Market is expected to sell 120 tonnes of prawns and 70,000 dozens of oysters, but there are a variety of lesser-known seafood species worth serving as well.

Yellowbelly flounder, ocean jacket, blue mackerel, Gould’s squid, New Zealand king salmon, or blue mussels are alternatives for those looking to spice up their Christmas seafood platters.

Prawns and oysters, as well as salmon, sashimi, snapper, barramundi, rock lobster, and octopus, are among the most popular Christmas seafoods, but these lesser-known species are just as good and offer great value at this time of year.

According to the Sydney Fish Market website, blue mackerel will please all seafood lovers because it has a strong flavor and few bones, and it can be easily cooked in tin foil on the barbecue.

Another one that can be thrown on the grill whole in tin foil or banana leaves and goes well with a variety of Christmas dinner ingredients such as ‘butter, cream, garlic, fresh herbs, lemon, olive oil, onions, pepper, shallots, and red or white wine’.

Squid is delicious steamed, poached, deep-fried, pan-fried, stir-fried, baked, braised, grilled, barbecued, and even raw.

The 36-hour seafood marathon at Sydney Fish Market is a ten-year tradition that will begin at 5 a.m. on Thursday, December 23 and run nonstop until 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

During the market’s 36-hour marathon, more than 100,000 shoppers are expected to purchase 55 kilograms of prawns per minute and 350 tons of seafood.

Home cooks can learn how to make the perfect platter from one of the country’s most renowned seafood chefs.

Peter Robertson, Executive Chef of Sydney’s The Star’s Flying Fish, explains why oysters are best served with a zingy ginger and turmeric pickle and why prawns should be cooked without being marinated.

He stated that there is nothing he enjoys more than a good seafood platter and that he always plans ahead for Christmas Day.

He revealed his trade secrets to FEMAIL, including his go-to prawns and a summer salad dressing that will please any crowd.


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