‘Splitting from’ The Wanted, Max George


“Splits from” The Wanted’s Max George

According to reports, Max George and Stacey Giggs, who was once married to football player Ryan Giggs, have broken up.

It happens only a few months after the couple, who split in March, rekindled their romance earlier this year.

Prior to their March divorce, The Wanted singer, 33, and Stacey, 43, had been together for four years. He even adopted her two children as his own.

However, The Sun reports that the couple has come to the realization that their relationship is “not meant to be.”

Max and Stacey are no longer together, a source told the media.

Although they enjoyed their relationship, they came to the realization that it was doomed to fail.

Adding that after bandmate Tom Parker passed away earlier this year, the former WAG provided the singer with good support.

The source went on to say that Stacey was Max’s “rock” during his time of grief after Tom’s death.

It was as amicable a split as one could be, and they are both acting very maturely about it.

Future-wise, Max and Stacey only want what’s best for one another.

Also severing their social media ties, it’s thought that the two unfollowed one another on Instagram.

For a response, MailOnline has gotten in touch with Max and Stacey’s representatives.

Max had already referred to Stacey as “the one” when they first met in 2011, at the V festival. Stacey and Max started dating in 2018.

While Stacey was still married to Manchester United player Ryan, the singer of the song “Wanted” was seeing actress Michelle Keegan.

But they reportedly split as he began The Strictly Come Dancing Tour with partner Katya Jones because they were going through a “rough patch.”

The Sun was informed at the time by a source that Max and Stacey “had a really rough patch” and “in the heat of the moment” decided to call it quits.

However, now that things have subsided, the source continued, “They both felt the need to mend fences.

Now that they are back together, they are resolving their problems.


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