Sunny Queen Farms wraps from Woolworths are tried by Bec Hardgrave for breakfast.


Sunny Queen Farms wraps from Woolworths are tried by Bec Hardgrave for breakfast.

A health coach has alerted her followers to a “new delicious product” after discovering “life-changing” egg wraps at the store.

The Sunny Queen Farms wraps are the ideal gluten-free replacement for your breakfast tortilla, according to Bec Hardgrave, who on Monday created a video about them.

She explained that because eggs are the only ingredient used in the wraps, they are very high in protein.

For a video, scroll down.

The well-known health coach from Queensland then disclosed how she prepares the wraps at home: with bacon, a hash brown, and avocado.

Bec gave the wraps in the fridge aisle a six out of ten rating in her video and stated that she still prefers regular wraps with the egg on the inside.

If you’re gluten-free, this may be the higher protein wrap for you, she suggested.

After becoming well-known for her fakeaway videos, the health coach now has 101,000 Instagram followers.

These cost-effective and calorie-reduced versions of your favorite fast food are demonstrated in the videos.

She also demonstrates how to modify peoples’ go-to takeout orders in order to achieve their health objectives.

Since it was uploaded, the new product alert video has been viewed by more than 105,000 users.

One lady tagged her friend and said, “We have to add these to our next shop.”

Next time, Bec said, she will reheat the wraps because she believes they will taste better.

A health coach has issued a new product alert on Instagram for egg wrapsBec Hardgrave found egg wraps in the fridge aisle and decided to try themShe says the wraps are a good alternative for people on gluten free diets


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