The daughter of Richard Wilkins and fashion designer Collette Dinnigan is Estella Wilkins-Dinnigan.


Meet Estella Wilkins-Dinnigan, the child of fashion designer Collette Dinnigan and Richard Wilkins.

Richard Wilkins wished his rarely-seen daughter Estella a happy 18th birthday and provided a glimpse into his colorful family life.

While Estella has preferred to avoid the spotlight, her half-brother Christian, 26, is no stranger to tabloid headlines.

Richard and Collette Dinnigan, his ex-girlfriend and interior designer, are the parents of one daughter, Estella.

The adolescent, who goes by the double-barreled last name Wilkins-Dinnigan, was raised in the New South Wales Southern Highlands and is a student at one of the area’s prestigious private schools for girls.

As a result of her success in show-jumping competitions over the years and her passion for horses, she is well known in the industry.

Additionally, she serves as the school’s vice captain for equestrian.

Despite never conducting an interview, Estella’s social media pages show that she is a well-liked student who gets along well with her half-siblings.

Adam, Christian, Nick, Rebecca, her father’s four half-siblings, and Hunter, her mother’s half-brother, round out her family.

As opposed to Collette, who has Hunter with her current husband Bradley Cooks, Richard has five children between four different mothers.

When Sydney Confidential reported that many of Estelle’s fellow students had signed a petition urging her not to transfer schools, Estelle briefly made headlines back in 2020.

According to reports, Collette had made the decision to send her daughter to New England Girls’ School (NEGS), a private institution in Armidale with a special equestrian facility where students could bring their horses.

Estella’s classmates reportedly came together to support her by signing a petition to advocate for the child, who was in Year 9 at the time, to stay at the school.

An insider claimed at the time that if Estelle attended NEGS, Collette wouldn’t have to worry about arranging for Estelle to miss school in order to visit her horse.

Estelle was reportedly not sent to NEGS after all, according to the Collette.

Before breaking up in 2004, a few months before Collette was due to give birth to Estelle, Richard and Collette started dating in the early 2000s.

When Collette and Richard’s marriage fell apart in 2004, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Dinnigan had been given the keys to the couple’s (dollar)4.1 million Paddington home as a result of their “increasingly irreconcilable relationship.”

Right now, Richard is seeing Nicola Dale.

When discussing co-parenting in 2015, Collette…

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