The dogs that attacked a senior citizen from New Zealand in Panguru, north island, weren’t his.


In Panguru, on the north island, a senior New Zealander was mauled by dogs that weren’t his.

The heartbroken family of a man who was killed by six dogs revealed that his partner overheard him being “ripped apart” on the phone while he was calling her.

Neville Thomson, 69, was found dead alongside 25 unregistered dogs on Thursday at his home in the outlying community of Panguru, New Zealand.

Stella Matthews, a stepdaughter of Mr. Thomson, claimed her mother, who was Mr. Thomson’s partner, was speaking on the phone with the ‘big-hearted’ elder as he was being killed.

According to The Sun, “my mother heard scuffling, shouting, and growling” after the man left the house and put the phone down.

“She spoke for a good 25, 30 minutes on the phone.”

According to the police, Mr. Thomson was attacked by six dogs who did not belong to him out of the 25 unregistered animals present on the property.

Of those six, two were apprehended by law enforcement, one was killed by gunfire, one escaped and came back the next morning, and two are still at large.

The dogs that attacked Mr. Thomson were not his own, according to his family, who revealed this information on Friday. Instead, they were abandoned by a fictitious friend who took advantage of the older man’s generosity.

Te Ahu Thomson, Mr. Thomson’s son, reported that the elderly man offered to assist a friend in need of housing.

The friend abandoned Mr. Thomson with a pack of 19 vicious dogs instead, endangering the lives of Mr. Thomson’s own dogs, which he kept inside his house out of fear that they would be attacked.

Te Ahu Thomson added that neither of the kind man’s two dogs were a part of the attack that killed the elder.

Nataria Moore, Mr. Thomson’s daughter, claimed that her father was about to have the dogs removed from his property when he was brutally murdered.

She told One News, “He was actually trying to get (the friend) out because he didn’t want those dogs around him.”

According to Ms. Moore, losing her father has been very difficult for her family, and it hurts knowing that someone exploited his “big heart” to bring about his passing.

“We’re barely surviving,”

It’s shocking.

I felt like the air in the room had been sucked out when I found out,” she remarked.

According to Ms. Matthews, the previous owner of the 19 dogs had all but “abandoned” them, leaving Mr. Thomson to take care of them.

They weren’t his dogs, he said.

I don’t understand how you could possibly expect a 69-year-old man who was barely in good health…

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Neville Thomson, 69, was mauled to death by a pack of six dogs on ThursdayHe was found in his home in the remote town of Panguru, on NZ’s north islandHis heartbroken partner was forced to listen as he was ‘ripped apart’ by the dogsMr Thomson was forced to take care of the pack of 19 dumped aggressive dogs


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