The expensive Nottingham Forest’s dreadful corner routine is mocked by the crowd; Newcastle had no trouble with it.


Spectators make fun of Newcastle’s easy corner routine against expensive Nottingham Forest.

On social media, Newcastle United’s unconventional corner strategy against Nottingham Forest has drawn criticism.

Despite Forest’s 2-0 loss at St. James Park, they responded by setting up an unusual set-piece that ultimately failed.

The move was praised as “one of the worst corner routines you’ll ever see,” but with five players charging into the box like a flock of birds, Newcastle goalkeeper Nick Pope was able to easily gather the ball.

The worst corner routine you’ll ever see was performed by Nottingham Forest, according to a tweet from the account.

Newcastle had a difficult start to the 2021–22 season, and it took them 15 tries to win a league game. This season, however, against their inexperienced visitors, they managed to win on the first day with the assistance of Forest’s corners.

After a lengthy stint in the lower leagues, Forest was playing their first Premier League game of the new millennium.

In the run-up to this campaign, they also spent more than £100 million on players.

They won’t make it out of this league alive, one fan said in reference to the corner routine, which is raising doubts about their ability to stay in the league.

The keeper must do all of that for it to be brought in safely, someone else said.

These will undoubtedly be there, down there.

It remains to be seen if this was a one-off trial-and-error experiment or if this is a planned routine that will continue throughout the season since it was the visitors’ only corner of the game.

Fabian Schar and Callum Wilson’s goals in the second half gave Newcastle a 2-0 victory, and Forest will hope for better corner success against West Ham at home the following weekend.


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