The Federal Reserve system is “the biggest con they have,” claims Steve Bannon.


The Federal Reserve is “the biggest con they have,” according to Steve Bannon.

In a ferocious speech to conservatives on Friday night, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon demanded the dissolution of the Federal Reserve, claiming that fat cat bankers had amassed too much power.

Instead, he criticized the way the central bank had been freely printing money throughout the pandemic and demanded that control of it be returned to the American people.

We do not require an audit of the Fed, said.

“We must abolish the Federal Reserve.”

The American people’s power, as well as the power of our elected officials, has been usurped by the Federal Reserve.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas, he issued a ferocious call to arms.

The event’s keynote speaker on Saturday, its final day, will be former President Donald Trump.

Attendees gathered at the Cattleman’s dinner on Friday night to eat short ribs.

Seth Dillon of the parody website the Babylon Bee and Bannon, who criticized Biden’s election victory and repeatedly made debunked claims that the vote was rigged, kept them amused.

“We are at war.”

We are engaged in a political and ideological conflict, he declared.

“Consider what you would do if an illegal imposter had taken over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and taken over the administration on the 20th of January 2021 after high noon.”

After being found guilty of two counts of contempt of Congress for disobeying the House’s January 6 investigation, he is scheduled to be sentenced in October.

Though it did not quiet his rhetoric, he continued to broadcast his War Room podcast from the CPAC conference, drawing a boisterous audience every day.

In one of the most vehement passages of his Friday speech, he turned his populist guns on the central bank.

Since the pandemic started, the Fed has aggressively printed trillions of dollars in an effort to maintain the economy.

It’s their biggest trick, he said.

The balance sheet of the Federal Reserve is now around $9 trillion.

The dollar is our largest export, but the responsibility for that all rests with our children and grandchildren, he added.

All of those have bills or money owed them.

“Everything is now at its highest setting.”

They are referring to these ridiculous, irrational trillion-dollar bills in this way because the Federal Reserve will print the money.

Kari Lake, one of the conference’s stars after winning the Republican primary for governor of Arizona last week, was praised by the speaker for her fiery conservatism.

In addition, he urged the conservative movement to get organized in advance of the midterm elections in November.

Steve Bannon addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference FridayHe said conservatives were in a ‘political and ideological war’But he reserved particular anger for the Federal Reserve It has ‘usurped the power of the American people,’ he said in a fiery speech And he said voters would deliver a ‘democracy suppository


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