The first meeting with’sneering’ King Albert II ‘brought the illegitimate Belgian princess to tears.’


The first meeting with’sneering’ King Albert II ‘brought the illegitimate Belgian princess to tears.’

King Albert II of Belgium’s illegitimate daughter claims he made her cry when he accused the artist of pursuing her paternity claim because she ‘wanted attention.’

Princess Delphine, 53, described her now-famous father as “nasty” in a new television documentary about their first meeting.

Delphine was officially recognized as his daughter in October 2020, after a lengthy legal battle.

‘Ah, because things aren’t going so well as an artist, you need some attention,’ she said to the VTM channel during their first meeting in 2013.

‘At that moment, I thought to myself, “how unbelievably rude is this?”‘ she continued.

‘I walked out of the office completely crushed and crying after the first conversation with Albert and his lawyers.

‘They claimed that by attending court, I was “holding a gun to the king’s head.”

Albert, 87, abdicated the throne, which was given to his son Philippe, only a month after Delphine launched her legal bid.

It would be seven years before Albert lost the case and was forced to acknowledge the then-Delphine Boel as his legitimate daughter, and then another court battle would grant her the title Princess Delphine of Saxe-Coburg.

‘The first time I visited him and his lawyers, he was very nasty and made me cry,’ Princess Delphine said.

‘I had no intention of going to court.’

However, I did so on the basis of a particular principle.

‘I needed proof after Albert claimed I wasn’t his daughter.

‘I had to be certain.’

Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, Delphine’s mother, had started an affair with Albert in 1966, when he was the crown prince, and was now 80 years old.

According to the New York Times, Albert married Queen Paola in 1959 and has always denied being Delphine’s father, describing his affair with her mother as a “crisis.”

The baroness and Delphine, who was born in 1968, remained in close contact with Albert.

However, when she turned 16 in 1984, the future king – who ascended to the throne in 1993 – distanced himself from the couple in order to save his marriage.

Delphine didn’t find out he was her father until she was 17, a year later.

‘It was wonderful when she told me,’ she told the documentary.

‘I didn’t care who he was because I didn’t care that he was a prince.’

‘I was, however, relieved.’


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