The mother of three admits that she and her husband have separate beds.


The mother of three reveals that she and her husband have their own beds.

A mother of three has admitted that she and her husband sleep in separate beds, claiming that this has improved their intimacy.

Terri-Ann Michelle Perras, a 31-year-old Canadian blogger, took to TikTok on Tuesday to share a video of herself dancing around her house while opening up about their sleeping situation.

‘I know a lot of people will disagree with this, BUT I don’t care,’ she wrote in the caption of the video.

‘During the week, my husband and I don’t sleep in the same bed, and it’s made our intimate relationship BETTER.’

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Perras explained that their previous sleeping arrangement was causing them problems before they decided to sleep in separate beds most nights.

‘We have very different schedules and sleeping habits,’ she explained, ‘which was causing a huge problem for us.’ ‘Sleeping in separate beds DOES NOT ruin marriages, and it’s more common than you think.’

‘Intimacy doesn’t begin in the bedroom,’ she added in the caption.

Perras didn’t get a negative response if she was expecting one.

The video has received over 184,000 views, and many commenters have shared that they share similar sleeping arrangements with their partners.

One user wrote, ‘Omg I can’t stand sleeping with my husband lol.’

‘He’s a firefighter and the worst sleeper! It’s not about old marriage “rules,”‘ she says.

‘Sleeping separately for ten years has been the best decision we’ve ever made.’

Someone else added, ‘I’m convinced it’s why we’re still married.’

‘OMG US TOO! I’ve almost felt embarrassed for people to know, people judge,’ said another.

It seems odd to me.

We had to do something with the new business and the new baby!’

Perras mentioned in the comments that she and her husband have a king bed, but that the extra space doesn’t make sleeping together any easier.

She explained that he snores and wakes up to an alarm, whereas she is a light sleeper who gets up with their children in the middle of the night.

The feedback was mostly positive and encouraging, though some people were uncomfortable with the idea of being separated from their partners at night.

‘I can’t sleep unless I’m with my husband.’

One TikToker wrote, ‘He can’t sleep without me.’

‘I’m going to keep it that way.

Not sleeping together makes no sense.

Perras responded by emphasizing that she was only sharing what she and her husband have found to be effective.

‘It doesn’t add up for YOU,’ she says…

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