The number of foreign physicians and nurses employed by the NHS has been quadrupled.


NHS is hiring QUADRUPLE the amount of foreign physicians and nurses thanks to the INTER-National Health Service.

Concerns have been raised that the NHS in England is becoming too reliant on foreign recruits because one in three of the doctors and nurses who joined the system last year were hired from abroad.

According to a BBC analysis of NHS Digital data, the percentage of medical personnel hired internationally nearly doubled between 2014 and 2021.

As they renewed their calls for the Government to address the workforce crisis, several unions claimed it was a sign that the NHS was relying on foreign recruits to fill staffing gaps.

According to the analysis, India, Pakistan, and Nigeria were the most popular countries for doctors to immigrate to in 2021, making up 34% of the medical workforce.

The Government has downplayed the increase, claiming that foreign recruitment has always been a part of its workforce strategy. This is almost double the percentage of foreign hires in 2015, when the figure was just 18%.

A total of 39,558 healthcare professionals, or about 3,200 more than in 2014–15, joined the NHS in 2020–21.

But as a share of the 1.2 million-strong workforce of NHS England, the number of healthcare professionals with British training is steadily declining.

Only 58% of doctors who joined the NHS last year had UK training, down from 69% in 2015, according to the analysis.

The percentage of nurses with UK training fell from 74 percent in 2015 to 61% last year.

The proportion of new hires who met the qualifications outside of the UK and EU has nearly doubled, and in some cases quadrupled, during that same period.

Compared to last year, when 34% of the workforce was made up of foreign-trained nurses, only 7% of nurses were hired from abroad in 2015.

The majority of nurses who registered to work in the UK in the past five years but did not receive their initial training here were from nations like Nigeria, the Philippines, and India.

As a damning MP-led report last week pointed out, the NHS has long struggled with workforce issues.

It was determined that more than 50,000 nurses and midwives, as well as 12,000 hospital doctors, are currently needed in England’s health system.

The Health and Social Care Committee, headed by former health secretary Jeremy Hunt, predicted in that report that by the start of the next decade, England’s health system would require an additional 475,000 jobs.

Since a while, health unions have expressed concern about the UK’s excessive reliance on foreign workers, both because Britain might not always be able to…

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An analysis has found 34% of new doctors joining the NHS in England last year originally trained overseas This is up from just 18% in 2015 a sign some unions say shows the UK is too dependent on foreign recruitmentFigures for nurses are similar, with the number of overseas trained joiners rising to 34% in 2021, up from 7%Government has defended figures as overseas recruitment being an established part of its workforce strategy


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