The tornado that ripped through Fort Myers was captured on video completely flattening mobile homes.


Mobile homes were completely flattened by the tornado that ripped through Fort Myers, according to shocking video.

As the powerful winter storm moves up the East Coast, the Saskatchewan Screamer is causing tornadoes in the south, heavy snowfall in the north, and temperatures in the single digits.

Accuweather forecasters say the storm will move northeast after wreaking havoc on the southeast on Sunday, before wreaking havoc on states along the Atlantic coast on Monday.

‘The heaviest snowfall will fall across the interior parts of the Northeast,’ according to the weather network, ‘unloading accumulations that could bring some communities to a halt.’

The storm has already caused 220,000 people to lose power and hundreds of flights to be canceled in North Carolina, where more than 82,000 people were without power as temperatures dropped to 25 degrees this morning.

According to a website that tracks power outages, more than 74,000 people were without power in South Carolina when the temperature dropped to 25 degrees, and about 20,000 people in Florida were affected by a blackout.

In Georgia, there were over 45,000 outrages reported, with a low of 36 degrees in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, shocking surveillance footage from a Fort Meyers, Florida RV park captured the devastation caused by a tornado.

Tornadoes wreaked havoc in southwest Florida early Sunday, with one obliterating the Tropicana RV Resort and ripping trailers to shreds.

According to Lee County Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass, 28 homes were destroyed, with another 62 rendered uninhabitable.

Residents who had been displaced were given temporary shelter while power companies worked to restore power to 7,000 people, he told reporters on Sunday.

Officials estimate that 200 people have become homeless.

The twister also hit Cottage Point Trailer Park, where an 81-year-old man described his house being ripped apart.

The Naples Daily News reported that it landed on a neighbor’s roof.

‘The tornado blew me off my feet and buried me under the sink, refrigerator, kitchen chairs, and everything else,’ he told the outlet.

‘Seeing the sky made me so happy.’

“It’s not going to be today,” I said to the devil.

During a press conference on Sunday, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said that eight to twelve inches of snow had fallen in some counties, with ice wreaking havoc on the state’s highways.

The state’s western regions were expected to receive 18 inches of snow, according to forecasters.

Officials said that 25 counties have declared a state of emergency, and that shelters and warming centers have opened to accommodate those who have lost power.

North Carolinians were urged by Transportation Secretary Eric Boyette to…

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