The West Ham winger is very proud of his story of rising from nothing to something, and he promises to take “another step up.”


As a West Ham winger who has come from humble beginnings, Bowen is immensely proud of his story and promises to continue to rise.

Jarrod Bowen was sitting in his father’s battered old truck, the one with the collapsing wheels, holding himself together with memories.

the one who is currently crying.

Sam Bowen used to take his young son to matches near Hereford in that old pickup truck.

And it was in that truck, in May, that father and son sat together, absorbing the news that Jarrod Bowen had been selected for the England team.

West Ham winger Bowen claims, “He was crying his eyes out.”

“I can’t believe it, this is the truck we used to travel to local games in,” he exclaimed.

You recently received a call from England, so look at you now.

I can’t express how much I admire you.

He claimed he didn’t anticipate me being selected for the England squad at this point.

Seven years may seem like a long time, but when you consider where I’ve been, including my time playing for Hereford in the Conference, their expulsion, and my move to Hull, it’s not so bad.

Take five or six years in the future.

He declares, “I simply can’t believe it.”

I had to take a brief break outside due to how emotional I felt.

With 12 goals and 10 assists, Bowen had the most of any English midfielder in the Premier League, and his call-up was a reward for a remarkable season for West Ham.

In order to maintain his place for the World Cup in Qatar, he is aware that he must start this season just as strong, beginning on Sunday against Manchester City.

At 2:00 pm in May, the squad was formally announced.

When Bowen, his girlfriend, his brother, friend, and sister all went to The Flying Dutchman cafe in Leominster for lunch, he was unable to keep his father in the dark any longer and called him to let him know.

Every time he attempted it, the exchange lasted only a few seconds.

Not only Bowen’s father, though, was having a hard time controlling his emotions.

“Everybody was sobbing.”

I was too sick to eat anything.

When I told my brother, he walked out of the eatery.

That describes how much it meant to the Herefordshire family from a small market town: “There were tears everywhere.”

So, how would it be if he attended the World Cup?

I’m not sure, Pfft.

Our hometown is a genuinely small community.

To play football and serve as a role model for people back home, hearing from people I’ve never met before that “Our little boys love you” and “We’re so proud of you.”

That is what

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Jarrod Bowen’s stunning form was rewarded with an England call-up last season Premier League haul of 12 goals and 10 assists was the best by English midfielderThe West Ham winger knows he will need to start the new campaign strongly


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