Thousands of monkeys are terrorizing a Thai town as rival gangs compete for food.


Thousands of monkeys are terrorizing a Thai town as rival gangs compete for food.

Hordes of rogue wild monkeys have been terrorizing a Thai town after becoming addicted to sugary drinks and bananas.

Lopburi, about 90 miles north of Bangkok, is famous for its monkey population, which attracts visitors from all over the world. Locals even hold an annual festival to honor the primates.

However, since tourists began to return to Thailand after coronavirus restrictions were lifted in November, Lopburi’s monkeys, whose numbers increased dramatically during the pandemic, have had much easier access to sugary snacks and drinks.

Thousands of sugar-fueled macaques are now wreaking havoc on the city’s streets, fighting violently for food and territory.

Hundreds of animals can be seen roaming the streets, jumping on cars, climbing on people, and even stealing their food and belongings, according to video taken on Tuesday.

Locals are seen handing out plastic tubes filled with sugar and syrup to the monkeys, who are seen sucking them dry before attacking a man handing out bananas.

Monkeys exhibit extremely bold behavior, clambering across moving vehicle windshields and jumping all over bystanders in the street, due to their complete lack of fear of humans.

Locals claim that rival gangs mark their territory, which leads to fights when the animals cross paths.

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In recent years, government officials have attempted to control the wild monkey population but have been unsuccessful because the animals continue to multiply.

After their numbers spiraled out of control during the pandemic, large numbers of monkeys were sterilised in 2020 as part of a government program.

Officers from the Wildlife Department used fruit to entice the animals into cages and transport them to a clinic, where they were anesthetized, sterilised, and given a…

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