To develop a new chocolate flavor, Oak and Golden Gaytime collaborate.


Together, Oak and Golden Gaytime develop a new chocolate flavor.

Following a partnership with Oak milk, one of Australia’s favorite ice creams has a new chocolate flavor available.

The classic Golden Gaytime has been altered and given a rich chocolate flavor by the well-known Oak chocolate flavor.

The decadent new confection features a rich center with Oak-inspired design that has been dipped in chocolate and covered in the Golden Gaytime’s renowned biscuit pieces.

Customers can purchase a box of four at IGA, Ritchie’s, Drake’s, and Romeo’s starting today for (dollar)9.90.

From September, the new Oak Gaytime will be available at Coles, convenience stores, and gas stations.

This is not the first time that Golden Gaytime has undergone a flavor transformation; currently, the product is also offered in Coco Pops, Birthday Cake, and Crunchy Nut varieties.

The new ice cream, according to Golden Gaytime spokesperson Annie Lucchitti, is sure to be a “crowd pleaser.”

The unmistakable Oak Choc Milk flavor hit is combined with the iconic elements of Golden Gaytime to create “Golden Gaytime Oak.”

She gushed, “It’s creamy, crumbly, choccy, and delicious.”

The ice cream isn’t the only traditional Australian treat that has been given a creative makeover.

In Australia, a brand-new Violet Crumble Espresso Martini has been introduced, much to the delight of fans of sweet cocktails.

A decadent boozy treat is now on sale, but only while supplies last, thanks to a collaboration between Feminaè Beverage Co. and the iconic Australian chocolate.

Each box costs (dollar)79.95 and includes a 30g bar of Violet Crumble that can be crushed and used as a garnish in addition to two liters of ready-to-drink martini.

The Feminaè X Violet Crumble Espresso Martini is a decadent concoction of premium vodka, cold drip coffee, and Australian cream.

The blend contains flavors from the well-known Violet Crumble, including chocolate, caramel, and honeycomb.

The opulently creamy cocktail is ideal as a party starter or post-meal treat and can be sipped straight from the refrigerator into a martini glass or shaken in a cocktail shaker with ice and a sprinkle of Violet Crumble crumbs.

For a limited time, the two-liter box, which yields 24 standard drinks, is available for purchase online from the Feminaè website, with shipping beginning on August 1st.

Online foodies have been sharing their enthusiasm for the novel new collaborative cocktail and tagging their friends in their posts, with one declaring it might become their “new favorite.”

Feminaè is a Melbourne-based, Australian-owned beverage company that creates distinctive cocktails like the well-known passionfruit and pavlova cosmopolitan and pink…

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Oak milk and Golden Gaytime have been combined to create a new ice creamFoodies can now try the decadent Oak chocolate flavour Golden GaytimeThe new treat has a Oak-inspired ice cream centre dipped in a layer of chocolateIt has the Golden Gaytime’s classic biscuit coating with a chocolate twistYou can buy a four pack for $9.90 from IGA , Ritchie’s and Drakes & Romeos nowIt will be in Coles, convenience stores and petrol stations from September


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