Trade involving Donovan Mitchell and Russell Westbrook was discussed by the Lakers, Knicks, and Jazz.


Donovan Mitchell and Russell Westbrook were the topics of conversation between the Lakers, Knicks, and Jazz.

A three-team deal involving the Lakers, the Jazz, and the Knicks has reportedly been discussed, according to HoopsHype, and the Lakers have reportedly entered the protracted Donovan Mitchell saga.

In the article, it was suggested that the following moves be made: Russell Westbrook would go to Utah (and would have his contract bought out); Donovan Mitchell would go to the Knicks; and two of Jordan Clarkson, Malik Beasley, Bojan Bogdanovic, and Patrick Beverley would go to the Lakers.

Of course, the Jazz would receive an enormous haul of draft picks.

How many has something to do with why there hasn’t been a deal reached yet.

In exchange for Rudy Gobert, Utah recently received four first-round picks, a rookie named Walker Kessler, along with players Beasley, Beverley, and two others. It has been reported that Utah wants additional draft compensation for Mitchell, who is 25 years old.

According to HoopsHype, there is a ‘belief’ that Utah, who would go through a rebuilding phase if the young guard is traded, will need as many as five or six picks to entice Mitchell away.

Although the Knicks are a team that can pay that asking price for Mitchell, they have thus far refused to agree to Utah’s terms for the three-time All-Star.

At least three weeks have passed since the two teams started talking about a trade, according to a July 13 article in The Athletic that stated the Knicks had “emerged as the focused destination over the past several days.”

The Athletic reported this week that the Knicks were essentially “low-balling” the Jazz for their young star even though a deal has yet to be reached (via ESPN700 in Utah).

HoopsHype still referred to the Knicks as the ‘presumptive favorite’ to sign Mitchell, and New York would undoubtedly be motivated – at what they view as the right price – to sign the team’s biggest star since Carmelo Anthony.

Mitchell, who grew up in New York and is a devoted Mets fan, has long been associated with the organization.

The Jazz guard paid his father, Donovan Sr., who also works for the team, a visit in June.

The nine-time All-Star and former MVP Westbrook, who arrived in LA via Washington, did not fit in well.

With 295 turnovers, he was second in the league (behind Trae Young only), and his errant play frequently made him the target of online jokes.

The two recently split up, with Westbrook’s longtime agent Thad Foucher telling ESPN in a statement that they had “irreconcilable differences” and disagreed on whether Westbrook should want to stay with the Lakers.

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Knicks are interested in Donovan Mitchell but have balked so far at asking priceJazz already traded Rudy Gobert, and are looking for more picks for MitchellDeal may need help of a third team like Lakers to get over the line


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