Turkey: Protests over the death of a medical student who committed suicide after religious community criticism.


Turkey: Protests over the death of a medical student who committed suicide after religious community criticism.

Protests have erupted in Turkey following the death of a medical student who, before committing suicide, openly denounced the pressures and anxiety he faced at his religious community dormitory on social media.

Enes Kara, a second-year medical student from Elaz, east Turkey, talked about the pressures of being an active member of a religious community.

He claimed he had “lost [his]entire joy for life and enthusiasm” in the video.

Kara’s death sparked outrage in Turkish religious community dorms, where the teen claimed he was ‘forced’ to pray daily, cook and clean, and attend religious community classes before his death.

His colleagues at the Faculty of Medicine at Frat University have banded together in protest of his death on campus, gathering in front of the faculty building and holding carnations in his honor.

Experts have now spoken out against the living conditions imposed on such students.

‘It is a public obligation to ensure that young people receive quality education, housing, food, and psychosocial support services,’ the Turkish Psychiatric Association said in a statement.

The Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Services is also said to have decided to block online access to Kara’s final video, which was posted before he committed suicide.

Mr Kara took his own life after sharing his concerns for the future and his experiences in the religious community dormitory where his family forced him to stay to ‘develop his spirituality.’

Following Kara’s death, the hashtag Enes Kara was used to share tens of thousands of heartfelt messages in support of the student.

Kara, a self-described atheist, complained in the video message that he was being ‘forced’ to pray in the community dormitory, and that he had no time to prepare or study for his medicine degree.

Kara’s funeral took place in the Belen district of Hatay, Turkey, on Tuesday. He left behind a handwritten message before his death.

Thousands of protestors gathered in Istanbul on Friday evening in the aftermath of the student’s suicide, with a few clashing with police.

Images showed enraged young people rallying against the often oppressive conditions imposed on those living in religious sect-run student housing in Turkey.

Through the streets of Turkey’s historic capital city, students were seen holding signs and chanting.

At least one injured young protestor was also seen sprawled on the ground in the pictures…

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Protests erupt across parts of Turkey following the suicide of medical student Enes Kara, 20, in Elazığ Second-year pupil claimed he lost ‘[his]entire joy for life and enthusiasm’ after joining religious communityHis sudden passing sparked outrage and public protests at ‘religious community dorms’ across the country


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