Uncontrollable cement truck crashes off a Houston overpass, killing a toddler.


Uncontrollable cement truck crashes off a Houston overpass, killing a toddler.

A 22-month-old boy was killed when a cement truck driver lost control and fell off a Houston overpass, landing on the family’s car below. The accident devastated a Texas family.

According to deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, the theft took place on Friday at about 2:30 pm when a 36-year-old woman lost control of the cement truck she was operating and fell from the overpass onto a family’s Ford Expedition.

Three family members—a 54-year-old grandmother, a 36-year-old woman, and one of the 22-month-old twins who were buckled into the back seat of the vehicle—were able to escape from it thanks to the actions of good samaritans.

However, the youngster, later identified as Nicholas Resendiz, was declared dead at the scene and could not be rescued from the vehicle until several hours had passed, according to Click 2 Houston.

Deputies say a preliminary investigation into the crash has revealed that the cement truck’s driver made an effort to slow down the vehicle before crossing the overpass. The crash is currently under investigation.

They now think slick roads from a rainstorm may have caused the truck to swerve, despite the fact that she did not exhibit any signs of intoxication at the time.

The Resendiz family is currently inconsolable over the tragic loss, and an online fundraiser has so far raised more than (dollar)4,700 to cover Nicholas’ funeral costs.

Before the truck crashed at the intersection of Woodforest Boulevard and Beltway 8, witnesses at the scene reported seeing it swerve to avoid another vehicle on the Houston Parkway.

As the cars below attempted to move out of the way, the truck was hanging from the overpass, according to Raymond Romo, a nearby worker who spoke to Click 2 Houston about the incident.

The truck eventually fell forward, landing on the Resendiz family’s car, he claimed, and that is when it came to a stop.

Romo recalled, “We saw it when we were in the middle of the parking lot land on the vehicle.”

Immediately, my friend Joe and I took action.

Before focusing on the twin toddlers riding in the back, he claimed to have been able to remove the driver’s daughter from the vehicle.

Romo said, “Thank goodness I was able to escape on one of them.

I was unable to exit the other, though.

Romo added that the boy’s grandmother, the driver, started crying on the spot.

The grandmother “just kind of froze and she just kind of stopped” when they witnessed it falling, he claimed.

It fell toward the back of the car because she stopped, according to the statement.

Those who made it through were

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Harris County Sheriff’s Department deputies say the cash occurred at around 2.30pm Friday when a 36-year-old woman lost control of a cement truck Good Samaritans were able to rescue three family members from the car: a 54-year-old grandmother, a 36-year-old woman and one of the 22-month-old twins The boy, who was later identified as Nicholas Resendiz, though, was pronounced dead on the scene, and officials could not extract him from the car for hours The crash is now under investigation, and deputies say a preliminary probe found that the cement truck driver attempted to slow the vehicle


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