Unions are accused of putting children in a ‘pandemic straitjacket,’ according to parents.


Unions are accused of putting children in a ‘pandemic straitjacket,’ according to parents.

Booster shots

Department of Education: Recommend that all eligible school staff and students take advantage of the vaccine offer.

The National Education Union is urging all school staff to get fully vaccinated and to encourage unjabbed colleagues to do so as well.

Employees should be given paid time off to get vaccinations if they are required.

Ventilation is important.

DfE: Identify any spaces that are poorly ventilated and take steps to improve fresh air flow.

NEU: If classroom ventilation is inadequate and cannot be improved, reduce the number of people in the room, the length of time groups spend in the room, or vacate the room temporarily.

Face masks

DfE: Recommend that pupils in Year 7 and above, as well as staff and adult visitors, wear face coverings while in classrooms and moving around the premises in corridors and communal areas.

NEU: Must be worn in secondary communal areas by students and staff, and by primary staff in communal areas.

Social segregation

The Department for Education no longer believes that keeping children in consistent groups or ‘bubbles’ is necessary.

Assemblies can be held.

There are no other arrangements that must be made in order to avoid mixing during lunch.

NEU: Reintroduce measures to reduce mixing and reject the Department for Education’s recommendation to consider combining classes to address staff shortages.

Assembly of the entire school or year group should be avoided.

Isolation and test

Staff and secondary school students should test twice weekly at home, three to four days apart, according to the Department for Education.

NEU: Encourage all staff and students to test at least twice a week.

Consider texting parents twice-weekly test reminders.

Personnel scarcity

School leaders are “best placed to determine the workforce required to meet the needs of their pupils,” according to the Department for Transport, but they should consider combining classes.

NEU: Other than supply workers, teachers at a school should only be expected to cover for absences in ‘unforeseeable circumstances.’

After members were told to disregard Government guidance and impose their own stricter rules, MPs today urged ministers to ‘get a grip’ on the teaching unions and stop them from putting children in a ‘pandemic straitjacket.’

Despite Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi’s orders, the National Education Union has urged headteachers not to combine classes when there are staff absences.

According to government guidelines, students should only stay at home if they have tested positive for Covid or are experiencing symptoms.

Teachers, on the other hand, have been told by union leaders to extend this to students who have…

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