Vin Scully: In honor of the legendary broadcaster, 50,000 fans chant “it’s time for Dodger baseball”


In honor of the legendary broadcaster Vin Scully, 50,000 fans chant “it’s time for Dodger baseball”

The LA Dodgers honored the late broadcaster Vin Scully on Friday at the team’s first home game following his passing.

Scully spent 67 years in the broadcast booth as the voice of the Dodgers in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles, making him the sports broadcaster with the longest tenure with a single team in history.

Age 94, he passed away on Tuesday.

The Dodgers and Padres lined up on the baselines to start the ceremony, which was followed by a moment of silence for Scully.

Vin, we’re going to miss talking to you.

You won’t be forgotten, ever. Image source:

A video clip honoring Scully’s life and career was shown on the Dodger Vision, where viewers were asked to turn. Charley Steiner served as the video’s narrator.

When the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” finished playing, the clip ended with images of Scully throughout his life and a pan to the cheering audience, some of whom had tears in their eyes.

The same icon—his name above a microphone—was painted onto the mound, and a bouquet of white and blue flowers hung next to a plaque bearing his name on the stands.

After praising Scully’s character, integrity, and class on the microphone, head coach Dave Roberts led Dodger Stadium in uttering his five most famous words: “It’s time for Dodger baseball.” The Dodgers players then filed into the infield.

Vin over the years. Image source: twitter.comLLwHd0xRsH

Vin detested being in the spotlight; consequently, this will be extremely uncomfortable for him because this particular moment is one that he truly deserves.

Vin was a gentlemanly, morally upright man who possessed all of these qualities.

In addition to being a Dodger, he also cared deeply about and loved baseball.

We saw a video of Charlie hitting a deep ball six years ago, helping the Dodgers win the division.

It couldn’t have been more appropriate that Vin’s final game at Dodger Stadium take place there.

“I will miss you, Vin” was written on a banner that was hung below Vin’s booth that day and night.

Joe and Orel will therefore give us all the great pleasure of revealing a new banner tonight.

A white banner with the words “Vin – We’ll miss you” was displayed beneath his old booth when the pair pulled back the blue curtain.

The sound of a packed stadium announcing “Dodger Baseball time.”

Only for you, Vin. image source:

We will miss you, Vin.

We cherish you.

We’ll keep you in our thoughts every day and every…

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Vin Scully died on Tuesday night at home in Los Angeles at the age of 94The Dodgers paid tribute at the Dodger Stadium before playing the PadresThe team held a moment’s silence to honor the late broadcaster Friday nightA clip commemorating the icon’s life and career was played at the stadium A banner reading, ‘Vin – We’ll miss you,’ was unveiled under Scully’s old boothHead coach Dave Roberts led fans in shouting, ‘It’s time for Dodgers baseball’


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