When an attack hits ammunition inside a £3 million vehicle, another of Putin’s prized T-90 supertanks is blown sky high.


Putin’s prized T-90 supertank number two is destroyed when an attack destroys ammunition inside a £3 million vehicle.

Dramatic footage reveals that a further Russian T-90 tank has been destroyed in Ukraine.

The $3 million war machine was once regarded as one of the best tanks in the world, but a string of setbacks since the start of Russia’s invasion have cast doubt on that.

The T-90, also known as the “Vladimir,” is seen being destroyed in a video that was uploaded to the Telegram channel Butusov Plus.

More than 500,000 YouTube subscribers’ favorite Ukrainian veteran Butusov claimed the attack was carried out by Kharkiv’s air defense force.

The astounding video received well over 80,000 views on YouTube in a short period of time.

According to open intelligence source Onyx, at least 20 Russian T-90 tanks, along with two modern T-90Ms that were first built in 2016, have reportedly been destroyed so far.

The number of tanks the Ukrainian army claims to have destroyed as of this morning is 1,792, an increase of three from yesterday.

Though at least a few T-90s are also believed to have been destroyed since the start of the war on February 24, the majority are the less sophisticated T-72s.

Early in May, footage of T-90s being smashed by Ukrainian soldiers first surfaced, and excitement erupted in Kyiv after Russia confirmed two of its losses.

A second T-90 supertank was obliterated with a £18,000 Swedish rocket launcher days after the first one was.

Another is alleged to have been destroyed by an RPG that cost £400.

The base model of the T-90, which entered service in 1992, is Russia’s most modern tank.

In the late 2000s, production increased.

With its initial deployment in 2016, the T-90M is the newest tank model.

As opposed to the roughly 5,000 T-72s, the tank the T-90 is based on and which has participated in the majority of the fighting in Ukraine, Russia is believed to field around 1,000 of all T-90 variants.

As Russian artillery, tanks, and trucks assemble in southern Ukraine, Putin’s forces are attempting to tighten their hold on the area despite a gallant counteroffensive by Kiev.

Russian forces drove north from the occupied peninsula during a bloody six-day battle to seize control of the Kherson region near Crimea on March 2.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian government has put up a strong fight against the invaders in recent weeks, and Kyiv is now confident that the area will be freed by September.

Long convoys continue to move away from, according to this morning’s daily intelligence update from the British Ministry of Defence (MoD):

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Latest footage emerges of elite Russian tank exploding as internal ammo struckMore than 20 of the £3million vehicles are thought wrecked so far in UkraineFirst built in the early-90s, new versions have become a premium weapon of warBut even cheap Ukrainian rockets have reportedly seen the T-90 blown to pieces


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