When scaffolding at a Sydney school collapsed, an Englishman working as a stonemason was killed.


Englishman killed when scaffolding at a Sydney school collapsed is identified as a stonemason

The victim of “several tonnes” of masonry, scaffolding, and bricks falling on him on Friday has been identified as an immigrant from England.

At the time of the accident, Alistair Bidmead was working on a building’s façade at Petersham’s Fort St High School in Sydney’s inner west.

The stonemason who ran and owned Bidmead and Co. in Sydney’s northern beaches passed away while constructing the third floor of the school’s main structure.

Mr. Bidmead could not be revived, according to NSW Ambulance Inspector Michael Corlis.

Inspector Corlis told 9News that the man’s injuries prevented him from being revived and that there was nothing more that could be done.

Many of his coworkers are said to have seen him die at 11am when it’s thought that a façade came loose from the building before collapsing on top of him.

Before Mr. Bidmead’s body was discovered on a scaffold, a crane was put to work to remove a massive slab and other debris.

Five hours after the collision, it arrived at the chaotic scene to clear away the massive amount of rubble that had pinned him.

The tradesman was a stonemason with classical training, and his company also built new stonework in addition to providing restoration services for historic structures.

He is from the north-west of London and has more than 16 years of experience in the business, managing projects in both Australia and the UK.

Nobody at the school saw the bizarre occurrence.

Both the school and the education department chose not to comment.

Police and Safe Work Australia established a crime scene and began their investigation.

Stonemason who lost his life on Friday has been identified as Alistair BidmeadHe was working on a wall of a Petersham school building when disaster struck A concrete slab, bricks and scaffolding weighing several tonnes fell on the manSome of his workmates witnessed the horrific accident but no kids saw it happenA crane was brought in to remove a massive slab that had trapped Mr Bidmead


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