While renovating the floor boards in his house, the father discovers an old rotting cellar.


While renovating the floor boards in his home, the father discovers an old rotting cellar.

When looking for rotten floorboards, a father discovered an old cellar and converted it into a home theater.

When Ben Mann, 39, discovered the stairwell leading to an old cellar in his Victorian home in Cradley Heath, West Midlands, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Mr Mann and his partner, Kimberley Jane, moved into the house in April 2015, and soon after they noticed rotten floorboards and decided to investigate, they discovered the cellar.

Mr Mann put the project on hold after discovering the cellar was flooded with water and rubble, but he recently decided to renovate it into an underground home cinema and playroom for his one-year-old daughter Bella.

‘There were some issues with rotten floorboards, and the person I bought the house from wouldn’t let me explore any further until we had moved in,’ said Mr Mann, who works as a sign maker.

‘After noticing that many of the houses on our street had cellars and steps leading down, I had an inkling that something was hidden underneath.’

‘I took a chance and guessed where the stairwell would be, eventually cutting the hatch open and discovering a flooded cellar.’

‘It was in bad shape; there was a foot of water and rubble on the ground.’

‘I had to replace all of the floorboards and joists because it was rotting.’

Despite the fact that it needed a lot of work, I saw it as an exciting bonus.’

Mr Mann spent £4,500 to turn the rotting cellar into a home cinema, complete with a custom-made sofa, projector, and bar.

‘I shopped around and used a lot of used materials,’ Mr Mann continued.

‘I built my own water pumping system, so I was able to save a lot of money by doing the work myself.’

‘The work began in October 2020 but was only recently completed due to the fact that it was an ongoing project.

‘There’s a large L-shaped lounger, shelving racks, a popcorn machine, a sweet vending machine, a mini fridge, a projector, and a bar area,’ says the description.

‘It’s about 12 square meters and a fully functional room,’ says the owner.


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