With a bronze in the 400-meter hurdles, Alastair Chalmers earns Guernsey its first Commonwealth medal.


Guernsey’s first Commonwealth medal is won by Alastair Chalmers in the 400-meter hurdles.

Alastair Chalmers’ bronze medal in the men’s 400-meter hurdles gave Guernsey its first-ever track medal at a Commonwealth Games.

After finishing third behind winners Kyron McMaster of the British Virgin Islands and Jaheel Hyde of Jamaica in 49.97 seconds, the 22-year-old was surrounded by friends and family.

I can’t believe it, Chalmers beamingly said.

I recently had Covid.

Guernsey’s recognition makes me incredibly proud.

Javier and Joaquin Bello, twins who lost in yesterday’s semifinal, will compete for bronze in beach volleyball today.

The brothers, who were born in Madrid, were defeated by the Canadian team of Sam Schachter and Daniel Dearing. However, they will now face Rwanda’s Olivier Ntagengwa and Venuste Gatsinzi this afternoon in an effort to win England’s first-ever medal in the sport.

After winning the gold medal for Wales in the rhythmic gymnastics hoop final, Gemma Frizelle was taken aback.

In the competition, the 24-year-old produced the best outcome in the history of her nation.

Frizelle said, “I’m just in shock.”

“I was only hoping to squeak by with a medal.”

It’s incredible to have found gold.

Alastair Chalmers became the first Commonwealth medal winner from GuernseyThe 22-year-old secured 400-metre hurdles bronze with a time of 49.97Chalmers won gold in the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2017


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