Within the apartment where two Saudi sisters were kept dead for a month


The interior of the apartment where two Saudi sisters were allowed to rot for a month.

With a (dollar)40 rent increase, the “luxury” apartment where two young Saudi sisters were found dead after a month is now available for inspection. However, there is little the real estate industry can do to cover up the foul odor of death.

The bodies of Asra Abdullah Alsehli, 24, and Amaal Abdullah Alsehli, 23, were discovered on June 7 in separate bedrooms of their Canterbury apartment in Sydney’s southwest. They had both passed away a month earlier.

Since the gruesome discovery two months ago, no one has been able to determine how they died.

Police are still baffled as to how two young women who appeared to be in good health died simultaneously in the same location and lay there undiscovered for a month without anyone being apprehended.

The only time their remains were discovered was during a police welfare check, which was carried out because they owed the landlord about (dollar)5,000 in unpaid rent after failing to pay their weekly (dollar)480 rent since mid-March.

The owner gave the apartment a fresh coat of paint, installed new floorboards, raised the rent to (dollar)540 per week, and on Saturday morning let the public look it over. However, he was unable to make up the significant financial loss.

The majority of potential tenants were interested, the real estate agent claimed, because the nearby units cost about (dollar)580 per week, contrary to how crime scenes typically result in price reductions.

A verbal disclaimer from the realtor that “some people died in there,” “but it’s all been cleaned and it’s all OK” was given to potential tenants before they entered the property.

I simply must inform you of this.

Most people weren’t interested in signing the lease, so the news didn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

The open-plan living area was flooded with light as soon as you walked into the apartment on a pleasantly warm winter morning as the sun streamed in through the large balcony doors and bounced off the laminated kitchen cabinets, white walls, and tiles.

However, there was a strange odor that was getting harder to ignore.

Initial dismissal of the odor as chemical residue from the crime scene or perhaps Pine O Cleen and Windex from the post-investigation cleaning blitz was simple enough.

Detectives believe the pair planned to commit suicide because bottles of chemicals, including bleach and other substances, were found next to their bodies in separate bedrooms.

However, the cause of death has not been determined despite preliminary toxicology results showing traces of the substances found in the bedrooms inside the bodies of the women.

However, even with fresh air pouring into the apartment through the big balcony doors on Saturday morning,

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Asra Abdullah Alsehli, 24, and Amaal Abdullah Alsehli, 23, died in their small flatDied a month before they were found by police during a welfare check on June 7 Following the investigation, their unit was put up for rent again with a price hikeAt the inspection on Saturday, the two-bedder had an acrid and lingering smellIt didn’t smell like cleaning products or chemicals… but decayPolice believe the women may have suicided, but investigations are ongoing Do you know more? Email charlotte.karp@mailonline.com


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