USA: This is what Joe Biden plans for his first ten days as president


Several crises will define Biden’s term as U.S. president. On his very first day in office, he wants to pass dozens of measures – and reverse Trump’s executive orders.

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden plans to issue dozens of executive orders in his first ten days in office to put the U.S. on a new course after Donald Trump’s term. Biden’s team on Saturday circulated an internal letter from incoming White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain that shows Biden wants to reverse Trump’s entry ban on citizens from several predominantly Muslim countries and lead the U.S. back into the Paris climate accord, among other things, after he is sworn in on Wednesday.

“These measures are just the beginning of our work,” Klain said. But by Feb. 1, he said, the foundation will be in place for America to move in the right direction with regard to the Corona pandemic, the economic crisis, climate change and ethnic inequality. On his very first day in office, he said, Biden will launch action with about a dozen decrees.

This year, the Capitol resembles a fortress

Biden will be sworn in Wednesday as the 46th president of the United States. The ceremony will run on the west side of the U.S. Capitol. The transfer of power is overshadowed by concerns of further violence following the storming of the statehouse by violent Trump supporters on Jan. 6 and by the ongoing Corona pandemic.

Normally, inaugurations are accompanied by crowds of spectators who come to the capital from all parts of the country. This year, the center of the capital resembled a fortress: metal fences, concrete barricades and police checkpoints were erected to protect the Capitol, the White House and other federal buildings. In addition, thousands of National Guard members are on duty.

100 days of mandatory masks

Biden has made the fight against the Corona pandemic a priority. His chief of staff on Saturday reiterated Biden’s plan to order an initial 100-day mask requirement for places where the federal government is in charge – such as government buildings – after he is sworn in. On Jan. 21, Klain previewed a series of directives to help combat the Corona pandemic. On Jan. 22, he said, Biden will also direct government agencies to take immediate action to provide economic assistance to people most affected by the crisis. Biden will also launch other executive orders to address the country’s major crises, he said.

Klain’s overview of Biden’s first ten days in office made it clear that more predictability is also expected to enter the White House with the future U.S. president. Republican Trump had often announced momentous decisions by complete surprise via Twitter.

Armed suspect arrested in Washington

Concerns about possible further violence surrounding the swearing-in appeared to be confirmed Saturday by the arrest of an armed suspect who had headed for a police checkpoint set up not far from the U.S. Capitol on Friday night. A police report indicated that the 31-year-old from the state of Virginia was carrying a loaded handgun and 500 rounds of ammunition. In addition, police seized shotgun ammunition. The arrest was made, he said, in part because neither the firearm nor the ammunition was registered. In addition, the man did not have a firearms license, a police spokeswoman explained.


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